Assusta-me, fascina-me, desafia-me.

Holly- Got any whiskey upstairs?
Paul- But you've had enough.
Holly- Go ahead. Get the whiskey. I'll pay you for it.
Paul- Holly, please.
Holly- No, no. You disaprove of me, and I do not accept drinks from gentlemen who disaprove of me. I'll pay you for my own whiskey. Don't you forget it.
Paul- Holly.
Holly- I do not accept drinks from disaproving gentlemen, especially not disaproving gentlemen who are kept by other ladies. So take it. You should be used to taking money from ladies by now.
Paul- If I were you, I'd be more careful with my money. Rusty Trawler is too hard a way of earning it.
Holly- It should take you exactly four seconds to cross from here to that door. I'll give you two.

Fotogramas e diálogo do filme Breakfast at Tiffany's de Blake Edwards, 1961.


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